Condo & Home Owner Association BEST PRACTICES
Training for Board Volunteers and Owners

Since we started this more hands-on type of part-time, on site management, which includes more communication, all owners here "have been kinder to each other."
-- Carolyn Karem, former volunteer condominium board member

“Pat has a great work ethic. I trust him enough to have hired him, and have recommended him to several other local entrepreneurs over the years.”
-- Greg Fischer, Veteran Louisville CEO and now the Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky

“Patrick has superb people skills, which includes an abundance of patience.”
-- Daphne Walls, veteran property manager

“Pat is a great bridge-builder among people, a good communicator and a fence repairer.”
-- Stuart Goldberg, 12-year condominium association president

“Pat’s work ethic IS the glue that holds things together at our Association. Our buildings and grounds are always improving because his goal is to have our place pristine.”
-- Paul Klausing, former volunteer condominium board member

“Pat has the ability to find the answers to solve any issues that may arise during a project. He has the resources to find solutions and solve them equitably.”
-- Marc Holley, P.E., Mechanical Engineer

“Pat stays on top of details in projects. He can be inundated with information, but he can get it sorted out. And the end product looks great.”
-- David Harpring, P.E., Mechanical Engineer

“Pat is a very effective team leader with integrity and has repeatedly shown all the skills necessary to build partnerships with various individuals. He just simply works hard to succeed.”
-- Keith Earle, volunteer condominium board member

“Pat gets things done. His experience with a variety of topics relevant to condo management and upkeep is invaluable. He knows his stuff and is always willing to do whatever it takes to make progress happen.”
-- Ellen Doolittle, volunteer condominium board member