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Importance of a "financial planning mindset" in Association living

Single family home: Where most of us grew up. We generally never knew when those big repair and replacement expenses were coming, or how big the financial hit would be.
But in assocation living, a "planning" mind set is a hallmark of a harmonious, financially strong Association.
Besides, as shown at the example at right, who's got five million dollars just sitting around, unless you planned for it?

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Key difference between single family home and condo living

*Illustration below based upon graphics from Patrick's book "Condos, Townhomes and Home Owner Associations"

Detached, single-family home

Future Repair and Replacement Costs:
Generally not planned

Example Repair Costs (single-family home):
Roof replacement: $10,921
Siding replacement (aluminum): $17,033

Townhome/patio home association

Future Repair and Replacement Costs:
MUST be forecast and planned in order to be successful

Example Repair Costs (240 units):
Roof replacement: $2.4 million
Siding replacement (wood): $3.1 million