Condo & Home Owner Association BEST PRACTICES
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Condos Townhomes & Home Owner Associations
The "Best Practices"
Association Training Book:


How to make your investment safer
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What makes a condo association worth buying into?

Honest consumer advice in 23 quick video mini-lessons

Key Concepts
Talking Points to Educate Owners
Management Basics
Board Member Basics
Innovations in Action

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Misconceptions About Association Living
Misconceptions of Association Living ► :48
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Reserve Study (Planning For The Future)
Reserve Study
(Planning for the Future)
► 2:15
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Reserve Study (Underfunding Issues)
Reserve Study
(Underfunding Issues)
► 2:51
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Protecting Condo Investments
Author TV appearance on PBS
PBS Nightly Business Report
Hohman interview starts at approx
2 minutes and 53 seconds into
4 minute and 10 second news story.

Patrick Hohman
Expert Witness

Explaining to a judge or jury:
1. Best Practices of Condo and
Home Owner Associations
2. Reasonable and Unreasonable
expectations of the Association

An idea to help create more
affordable, sustainable middle-class
home ownership

Part-Time, On-Site, Condo Management
Greater attention to detail with weekly part-time office hours, on-site at the property